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Update on Benchmarking project.

The MLA Benchmarking team is in the final stages of tweaking programming for the Benchmarking survey, completed earlier in 2008. They expect to run some initial tests in the last part of December. Testing of the reports will follow. Once the testing in complete we will be able to see our Benchmarking data.

Thanks to all who participated in the Benchmarking project, and thanks for your patience!

Penny Logan

CHLA Benchmarking liaison

ABSC/CHLA Nouvelles Électronique avril 2008

Faites connaissance avec les nouveaux membres de votre conseil d’administration !


CHLA/ABSC April 2008 E-News

New board members
Chapter initiative grant deadline May 1
Leadership SIG Inaugural meeting
Where in the world is Norman Scotia?


Response received from Federal Minister of Health on closure of the Canadian Health Network.

The Minister of Health Tony Clement has responded to our letter expressing concerns about the closure of the Canadian Health Network. Minister Clement believes that the new Public Health Agency of Canada website is the appropriate place for consumers and public health agency officials to look for evidence based public health information and intends to strengthen and consolidate this resource. A copy of the letter is attached. Click on the blog entry to read.

Canadian Cochrane Network and Centre Launches Petition for National License to The Cochrane Library

The petition (along with additional information about it) is available for signing until May 8, 2008 at

The Canadian Cochrane Network and Centre (CCNC) has launched a petition to encourage the government to finance a national license to The Cochrane Library. Prior to launching the petition the CCNC contacted CHLA/ABSC to ask for our endorsement of the petition. Believing that support of the petition fits with the mandate and vision of our organization, the Board was in agreement to provide such endorsement.

CHLA/ABSC response to the funding cuts for the Canadian Health Network

The CHLA/ABSC board responded very quickly to the announcement that funding for the Canadian Health Information Network had been cut by writing to the Minister of Health and to the Chief Public Health Officer. We are very happy to see that this issue is finally getting the broader attention that it deserves, with a column in today's Globe and Mail.

Benchmarking Data Entry Tips and Tricks

I have just finished entering benchmarking data for the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region Library (RQ). Having the following items at my fingers tips helped me to complete the survey quickly..

1. The Guide to Canadian Healthcare Facilities. The survey refers to the AHA Guide and for the next time (yes there will be a next time, 2009?) we will have this Canadian resource added. It is great for beds, FTE's, budget.

2. The Health Region Annual report. This gave me outpatient admissions and inpatient discharges.

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