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Abstract Submission

By Anonymous - Posted on 10 November 2014

Please use this form to submit a communication to the CHLA 2015 conference.

Enter your name in the Last name, given name format, i.e.: Doe, Jane.

Please enter a valid email address.

For each author, including the corresponding author, and one author per line: Given name Last name, affiliation, email and work phone number. Example: Jane Doe, Health Sciences Library, University of Ontario,, 603-382-6721.

Title of the abstract.

A short, blinded and structured abstract of 250 words or less (follow instructions at: If you are only making a submission for a Lightning Strike presentation, you may submit your topic and a short description instead of a structured abstract.

You may pick one or more presentation formats. If you choose more than one format (recommended), indicate your preferred ranking for consideration by the Program & Posters Committee. Your submission will be considered only for the presentation formats that you rank.

Please select relevant subject categories for your abstract.

Please select the setting relevant to your abstract.

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