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CHLA/ABSC 2011 CE - How to Teach Evidence-Based Clinical Practice: a workshop for librarians...

How to Teach Evidence-Based Clinical Practice: a workshop for librarians because articles do not “fall from heaven” and expert searchers are made not born 

Friday, May 27, 1:00 - 4:00 pm

This course will provide examples of proven teaching strategies for conveying content about evidence based practice. Participants will practice giving feedback and learn how to match teaching strategies useful for large group lectures, small groups, and short sound bite opportunities to their own real world teaching needs. The session will include discussion of roles for librarians associated with EBCP, practitioners' information needs for EBP and realistic ways to meet them at point of care and what to do when information just seems to fall from heaven. This course is about how to teach EBP; it is not a course on EBP. Participants should be familiar with basic EBP concepts. Jackie MacDonald is a healthcare services manager in Nova Scotia, has taught in the EBCP program at McMaster, and is completing a PhD in health informatics. Neera Bhatnagar is the Head of Systems and Coordinator of Research & Graduate Education Support at McMaster, and has been involved in the McMaster EBCP workshop since 1990.

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