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Call for Volunteers for the CHLA Standards Standing Committee

Ronald MacPherson

Dear all,

The CHLA Standards Standing Committee (CHLA SSC) was formed earlier this year, and though COVID has slowed some things down, we have been working hard to fulfil the mandate set out by the CHLA Board and support the Standards Task Force.

The CHLA SSC should represent the diversity in our profession, our user base, and the challenges we face. Currently, committee members only represent British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. We are looking for volunteers to join the committee who can round out representation from the rest of Canada - specifically we are searching for members from the remaining prairie provinces, Quebec, the Maritimes, and Newfoundland. Volunteers can be professionals or para-professionals, with experience working in and or/managing health institution libraries or library systems in urban/rural, well-served/underserved communities or settings. Our goal is for everyone’s voice to be heard and represented on the committee as the CHLA Standards and other advocacy work should represent you!

 What does the CHLA SSC do?

·         Review and provide feedback to the Standards Task force on the draft CHLA-ABSC Standards for Library and Information Services in Canadian Healthcare Facilities, 2020;

·         Develop practical tools to help libraries apply these new Standards;

·         Review and update the HSICT Library Value Toolkit

·         Ensure the ongoing currency of the Standards, help facilitate regular benchmarking exercises, and advocate to have these Standards recognized by accrediting bodies/health ministries.

What is the commitment?

The CHLA SSC meets virtually once a month for up to an hour. Depending on what activities are underway you may also join a sub-committee or task force, however you can choose how involved you want to be. Positions are a 2 year term. 

Why join?

Health libraries are under threat. This is your opportunity to be heard, learn from your colleagues and advocate for Canadian health libraries in a concrete and meaningful way.

If you are interested in participating in the CHLA SSC we invite you to send a message to us at Please include a brief letter that describes your experience and reason for your interest. If you are considering joining but would like more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions you may have.


Your CHLA SSC Members:

Andrea Ryce
Miriam Ticoll
Morgan Truax (co-chair)
Bailey Urso (co-chair)
Connie Winther