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Health librarians in Canada keep in touch electronically via the listserv CANMEDLIB. CHLA/ABSC Board members, committees and JCHLA/JABSC editorial staff regularly post time-dated information of interest to the membership and solicit input on Association activities. Those who subscribe to other listservs regularly forward information of interest to the Canadian health library community. Discussion is usually focused and relevant. 

The purpose of CANMEDLIB is to facilitate discussion of issues and dissemination of information important to Canadian libraries and librarians involved in the health care field. The list is unmoderated. However, if you have any issues please contact the CHLA/ABSC Web Manager at

Koumbit a not-for-profit organization out of Montreal hosts the CANMEDLIB Listserv.

What CANMEDLIB is and is not:

CANMEDLIB is a forum for questions, ideas and announcements that are of concern to health sciences libraries. CANMEDLIB does not accept advertisements from publishers or producers of software, etc... Questions about software and announcements from CANMEDLIB subscribers are appropriate. Inter-library loan requests should use the Interlibrary Loan Listserv

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Information about CANMEDLIB Listserv Commands

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