By-Laws & Code of Ethics

By-Laws & Articles of Continuance

CHLA-ABSC By-laws (May, 2014): Amendments to the 2013 By-Laws were confirmed at AGM June 19, 2014.

CHLA-ABSC Certificate of Amendment (March 10, 2023): The Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (S.C. 2009, c. 23) is the default set of rules for all organizations and applies to many situations within CHLA/ABSC By-laws.

CHLA/ABSC Code of Ethics (2023)

CHLA/ABSC is committed to advancing education and providing and developing resources which promote excellence in health and healthcare and support continuous learning. In doing so, members call upon their own expertise and judgement to provide the best information available to their clients. Members exercise the highest level of professional commitment and uphold the
following code of ethics in their pursuit of excellence.

Code of Ethics for Health Information Professionals

Goals and Principles for Ethical Conduct

The health information professional understands that high-quality information is essential to informed decision-making in health care, education, and research. Health information professionals serve society, clients, and the institution by working to ensure that informed decisions can be made.


The health information professional promotes access to reliable, evidence-based health information for all and creates and maintains conditions of freedom of inquiry, thought, and expression that facilitate informed health care decisions.


  • The health information professional works without personal bias or preconceived notions to meet the client's information needs.
  • The health information professional respects the client’s right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted.
  • The health information professional ensures that the best available information is provided to the client.


The health information professional provides leadership and expertise in the design, development and ethical management of knowledge-based information systems that meet the information needs and obligations of the institution.


  • The health information professional advances and upholds the philosophy and ideals of the profession.
  • The health information professional advocates and advances the knowledge and standards of the profession.
  • The health information professional conducts all professional relationships with courtesy and respect.
  • The health information professional maintains high standards of professional integrity.


  • The health information professional assumes personal responsibility for developing and maintaining professional excellence.
  • The health information professional promotes equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility, and works to advance racial and social justice in health science libraries and within the profession.

Download the CHLA-ABSC Code of Ethics in PDF format for printing and posting.